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Still in time for Christmas the second compilation is available now. The feel-good sound with 13 carefully chosen tracks by Marwie, Soulanova, Steve Cole, Alex Bugnon and The Finest, and more.

Homepage: Smooth Jazz Berlin
Discographie: Volume 2 Release-Date: 2006
CD bestellen: € 10,00 record team (bitte ersetzten Sie _no_spam_at durch@)
  01. Intro
  02. Steve Cole
 Simple Things
  03. Frayne Lewis
 For The Love Of You
  04. Thomas Siffling & The Public       Sound Office
 Summer Feel
  05 . Jeff Rupert & Dirty Martini,
       feat. Michelle Amato
 Save Your Love For Me
  06. Alex Bugnon
 Love Tko
  07. Marwie feat.
      Johan Leijonhufvud
 My Romance
  08. Greger Hillman
 Baby I Love You
  09. Jessica Gall Band
 Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
  10. Nick Colionne
 Keepin’ it Cool
  11. Soulanova
 Body Whisper
  12. The Finest
 Another Day Of Madness
  13. Outro

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