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The days are getting shorter and colder.

Time for warm sounds, time for
“The Finest”.

The newly established formation of famous Smooth Jazz musicians like Ron Spielman, Shannon Callahan, Michael Kersting, Björn Werra and Daniel Topo Gioia is releasing their “Long Story Short” CD.

The title of this feel-good debut is in many aspects the overall theme of this CD.
On the one hand, after the loose translation “Good things come to those who wait”, on the other hand after the proverb “Long story short”.

All the pieces on this CD had been on the musician’s minds for a long time but only after they met the founders of the Berlin-based “X times M records” could they realize their ideas.

After only nine months, the first musical child of this new family of five saw the light of day.

This album with its ten tracks fulfills only one purpose: To give a moment of peace and serenity to the listener in this hectic every day world.

Effortlessly, the listener loses himself in acoustical width à la Norah Jones and Katie Melua.

True to its name “The Finest” and titles such as “Keep it simple”, all songs are cannily arranged, with the best the musicians have to offer their audience this winter: Saxophone, piano, guitar and percussion.

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Discographie: Long Story Short Release-Date: 2006
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 Another Day Of Madness
 Saying Goodbye
 Running Away
 No Use.
 Token Of Love
 Fell In Love Again
 Deeper The Well
 My Sweetest Mystery

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